AAEE/REES 2021 papers & notes on timezones

Nearly all papers to be presented/discussed at REES 2021 (December 6-8) are now available on the conference website. Simply visit the conference programme at https://rees-aaee21.org/program-overview/ to download the papers you’d like to read. They are open and free to all!

Please remember that REES uses a flipped format — so you need to read the papers ahead of each session as most of the time will be spent in discussion rather than presentation. 

Incidentally, if you’re attending from the global west (American times zones), session slots 8 and 13 will be held during your waking hours. You might also want to catch the slots listed for the morning in Perth (7, 8, 14, 15, etc.).

Keynote slot 12 and workshop session 17 should be a comfortable time of day for most in the American,  European, and African time zones. 

If you’re attending from European and African time zones, you can catch early morning sessions 4 and 11 (that will include people from the global east) or the second iteration of these sessions in your afternoon, in slots 6 and 13 (that will include people from the global west). You can pick one from each slot (4, 6, 11, 13) and therefore catch up to four different research paper sessions during the two-day event, as well as attending a set of keynotes (slot 12) and a workshop (slot 17) on your own waking hours. 

Hats off to AAEE/REES 2021 organizers Sally Male and Andrew Guzzomi for making this complex time-zone puzzle work!

Looking forward to seeing you online at REES!

Shannon Chance, Chair of REEN

Seeking applications for REEN Board (Europe and the Americas)

The Research in Engineering Education Network (REEN) Governing Board is seeking applications to fill board positions representing:

  • Europe (1 position)
  • North America (1 position)
  • Central and South America (1 position)

The three new appointees will represent their respective regions for a four-year term (starting February 1, 2022, and running through December 31, 2025). A full call document is available at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ybqxmknjnni7vzn/REEN%20solicitation%20November%202021.pdf?dl=0


Detailing plans for REES AAEE 2021

Dear colleagues,

RE: Research in Engineering Education Symposium – Australasian Association for Engineering Education 2021 (REES AAEEE 2021)

We are pleased to share that the draft program for REES AAEE 2021 is available on the conference website (https://rees-aaee21.org/program-overview/). The conference is rich with workshops and papers on themes including engineering education research capability development, engineering education research methods, creator spaces, pedagogy, industry engagement, internships, future needs, Indigenous perspectives, educational technology and engineering education during COVID.

Our romantic plan involves sessions connected around the world. Facilitators from the Research in Engineering Education Network have kindly volunteered to connect from the hybrid sessions in Perth to the online sessions and to report back to the hybrid sessions the following morning. Please check the program, including the notes above the program.

Sessions will be conducted in Zoom. Links will be provided behind a password for registered delegates. Breakout rooms, sharing screens, and chat will be enabled.

Paper presenters
Sessions will be chaired. You will be required to upload a 5-minute recorded video presentation of your paper by Friday 26 November 2021 in MP4 file format. The url for upload will be provided in a subsequent email. Paper sessions will include the recorded presentations followed by questions and discussion about what the papers say about the state of the field, and where researchers should take the field next. Papers are currently being uploaded online so that delegates will be able read them before the conference.

Workshop facilitators
Please ensure that your workshop is active. We encourage you to use breakout rooms available in Zoom and to share links to additional online pages where your participants can share and contribute. If your workshop has been scheduled as a hybrid workshop, a session chair at the conference venue will support participation by those at the venue. We have been asked about participant numbers. Well over 200 delegates have registered from wide-ranging time zones, and there are parallel sessions. The majority of participants are online. Assume that you are unlikely to have more than 40 participants at the venue. Delegates at the venue will have internet-connected devices on which they could type and view a webpage. All delegates attending any one workshop at the conference venue will share a microphone and speakers designed for the whole room.

We will be in touch again with further details as they become available.

Sally Male and Andrew Guzzomi
Research in Engineering Education Symposium – Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference 2021

Making the most of MOOCs, serious games and online learning communities in your teaching

Interested in making the most of MOOCs, serious games and online learning communities in your teaching? Take part in the INSYSTED webinars!

The INSYSTED project (INtegrated SYSTem for European Digital learning) devised an instructional booklet with practical advice on how to foster soft and digital skills and internationalisation in higher education by using MOOCs, serious games and forum-based learning communities.

The INSYSTED webinars are for university teachers and staff interested in implementing this approach, with a special focus on industrial and management engineering education.


11 November, 5-6.30 pm CET

Designing courses for the post-COVID university

Register at https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_jJo0pGGeTKau57u5J_3KCA


24 November, 5-6.30 pm CET

Tools and examples from the INSYSTED pedagogical framework

Register at https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_EqsE3inYSG27lj2297yhjA



Innovative REES setup this year – please register!

Are planning to attend the Research in Engineering Education Symposium (REES2021) this year, in person or virtually, and perhaps present a paper? AAEE is organizing the Symposium and the REES research papers will be presented in parallel sessions on December 6 & 7. Each one gets discussed twice:
  1. hybrid (face to face plus online) at 3:30 PM Perth time (7:30 AM in my time in Dublin/London) and then again
  2. online only (e.g., at 4 PM Dublin/London time) to allow those in the Americas to participate during their waking hours.

One of the facilitators from the Americas will report back when the Perth attendees arrive the next morning. We’ll be using very short pre-recorded videos of the papers and discussing them REES-style using an online platform like Miro, Canvas, or similar. The online boards will travel around the globe as the discussions do, so we can build upon and capture the discussion. 

The keynote addresses also will be delivered live by the keynote speakers twice: once at a time comfortable in Perth and a second time comfortable for Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas (e.g., 2 PM London/Dublin time) on December 7. The speakers (Dr Cecilia KY Chan and Emeritus Professor James Trevelyan) will stay up late to present to the online attendees. 

Visit the conference website for details on the Program, Speakers, Workshops, and Registration process. Note that those attending in virtual mode only have a very reduced registration fee; it’s just AUD 150 (which is USD 111, EUR 96, GBP 82).

Amazing effort by AAEE in organizing this hyflex event!

Hope to see you there!

Shannon Chance,

Chair of REEN

engineering education job at the University of Johannesburg

There’s a great opportunity open in engineering education at the University of Johannesburg, SA.  The team there is hoping to attract a good candidate with solid experience in engineering education and research, to grow the field at UJ. 

The job advert is available at  https://jobs.uj.ac.za/applicant/index.php?controller=Adverts&method=view&advertid=f361c38c-f149-4b54-8dbf-922e4986771d

kind regards,


Dr Zachary Simpson

Senior Lecturer

Engineering Education

Updated link for QSR Grant

It appears that an error in the URL is causing the link to not be found, due to an errant space. As a result, please use the following link

Apologies for the technical issue.

Kind Regards, 
Silvana di Gregorio, PhD
Academic Research Director

QSR International

Eastside, King’s Cross Station, London, N1C 4AX, United Kingdom
T  +44 (0)1925 358 095


QSR Grant for Early Career Researchers

Often the most innovative research comes from those just starting their careers. As such, I’m delighted that QSR International is once again supporting the next generation of qualitative research innovation! We recognize that early career researchers often find it difficult to access research grants as they have to compete with established scholars. This is why QSR has established this grant just for those starting out on their research careers.

The Grant will allow for $25,000 USD in funding over two years to an Early Career Researcher with a project that shows promise and contribution to knowledge.

The grant is open to all Early Career Researchers world-wide.

If you are interested in learning more about the grant, or know someone who may benefit, please visit: https://go.qsrinternational.com/e/346611/ampaign-fy22sepnvecrgrantemail/24hqxg4/887576627?h=X4-JNHAp3ixlc0Xg-Gm_0QIAsV9JCDAO_A71USga0I4

The deadline for applications is 30th November 2021.

Kind Regards, 
Silvana di Gregorio, PhD
Academic Research Director

QSR International

Eastside, King’s Cross Station, London, N1C 4AX, United Kingdom
T  +44 (0)1925 358 095