Updated link for QSR Grant

It appears that an error in the URL is causing the link to not be found, due to an errant space. As a result, please use the following link.  Apologies for the technical issue. Kind Regards,  Silvana di Gregorio, PhD Academic Research Director QSR International Eastside, King’s Cross Station, London, N1C 4AX, United Kingdom T Continue reading “Updated link for QSR Grant”

QSR Grant for Early Career Researchers

Often the most innovative research comes from those just starting their careers. As such, I’m delighted that QSR International is once again supporting the next generation of qualitative research innovation! We recognize that early career researchers often find it difficult to access research grants as they have to compete with established scholars. This is whyContinue reading “QSR Grant for Early Career Researchers”

Our new special issue on ethics

Adding to the literature on engineering ethics education is a new special focus issue of the Australasian Journal of Engineering Education.The introduction by the guest editor Shannon Chancepresents the nine manuscripts and explains ties across them. The set covers ethical decision-making models and pedagogical techniques, philosophical aspects of ethics in engineering practice and education, ethicsContinue reading “Our new special issue on ethics”

SASEE Symposium to launch the Southern Journal of Engineering Education

SAVE THE DATE Friday, 23 July 2021 SASEE Symposium to launch the Southern Journal of Engineering Education On behalf of the South African Society of Engineering Education (SASEE), we are pleased to announce the launch of our official research journal, the Southern Journal of Engineering Education (SJEE). Please mark your calendars for the SASEE SymposiumContinue reading “SASEE Symposium to launch the Southern Journal of Engineering Education”

Doctoral Symposium at SEFI open for applications

As has been the case at the annual SEFI-conference in later years a Doctoral Symposium will be arranged at this year’s SEFI-conference. The deadline for applications has in fact passed, but we see that we can open up for some more participants at this year’s Doctoral Symposium. If you , or someone you know, couldContinue reading “Doctoral Symposium at SEFI open for applications”

UK: Newton International (early career) Fellowship Call Open

These fellowships are for non-UK scientists who are at an early stage of their research career and wish to conduct research in the UK. This scheme is jointly run by the British Academy and the Royal Society. This scheme is currently open to applications and will close at 3pm on Wednesday, 16 June 2021. Find outContinue reading “UK: Newton International (early career) Fellowship Call Open”

PhD scholarships in spatial skills

For prospective PhD students: we are recruiting 15 PhD students to work on SellSTEM – Spatial Enhanced Learning Linked to STEM. Network consists of 10 universities in 8 countries. Salaries range from 38 to 62k euro per annum for 3 years depending on country. Disciplines range from Cog Psy, Art, Design, Education, Linguistics, Engineering, Math.Continue reading “PhD scholarships in spatial skills”