Innovative REES setup this year – please register!

Are planning to attend the Research in Engineering Education Symposium (REES2021) this year, in person or virtually, and perhaps present a paper? AAEE is organizing the Symposium and the REES research papers will be presented in parallel sessions on December 6 & 7. Each one gets discussed twice:
  1. hybrid (face to face plus online) at 3:30 PM Perth time (7:30 AM in my time in Dublin/London) and then again
  2. online only (e.g., at 4 PM Dublin/London time) to allow those in the Americas to participate during their waking hours.

One of the facilitators from the Americas will report back when the Perth attendees arrive the next morning. We’ll be using very short pre-recorded videos of the papers and discussing them REES-style using an online platform like Miro, Canvas, or similar. The online boards will travel around the globe as the discussions do, so we can build upon and capture the discussion. 

The keynote addresses also will be delivered live by the keynote speakers twice: once at a time comfortable in Perth and a second time comfortable for Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas (e.g., 2 PM London/Dublin time) on December 7. The speakers (Dr Cecilia KY Chan and Emeritus Professor James Trevelyan) will stay up late to present to the online attendees. 

Visit the conference website for details on the Program, Speakers, Workshops, and Registration process. Note that those attending in virtual mode only have a very reduced registration fee; it’s just AUD 150 (which is USD 111, EUR 96, GBP 82).

Amazing effort by AAEE in organizing this hyflex event!

Hope to see you there!

Shannon Chance,

Chair of REEN

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